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Brisbane’s premier disability service providers

The newly constructed salon is completely wheelchair accessible, with a pivoting basin for clients that cannot transfer to a normal chair.  The salon also has dimmable lights for individuals who are sensitive or overwhelmed by fluorescent lights and a galaxy projector for a full calming effect. The room has a humidifier to assist with strong or damp scents and aromatherapy options for clients who enjoy or are calmed by therapeutic scents.


The salon is booked out exclusively by the hour to ensure a calm and relaxed atmosphere is provided and the experience is comfortable,  enjoyable and not rushed.  Our qualified Support Worker/Hairdresser will have the client complete a short survey prior to their visit so the room can be set up to their preference before their arrival: Lights – Sound – Music – Scents – Movie – Games – Drinks

With disability parking directly in front of the main doors and a fully accessible space we know that this will be a hit with all our clients with mobility, sensory, anxiety issues.

Why Us?

Inclusive-Friendly Salon

Welcome to The Sensory Salon – a haven where everyone is embraced. Irrespective of your identity, sexual orientation, or abilities, all clients are warmly received here. Step into The Sensory Salon and feel the genuine invitation extended to you. Our space is a sanctuary that cherishes all forms of identity, gender, and appearance. Here, you become an esteemed member of our community.


Experience the luxury of having the salon exclusively for yourself, enveloped in a serene ambiance. Immerse yourself in your preferred music, and if you desire, indulge in the blissful massage chair. At The Sensory Salon, we take pride in our unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community.


Join us at The Sensory Salon, where acceptance and excellence intertwine. Your journey here promises not only the finest hair care but also a sanctuary where you can truly be yourself.

" We do a lot of education, so it's not like... come in and just get your hair done. We're talking to people about personal grooming and how they can look after their hair and use different products... getting ready to go out socially, out on dates, for job interviews."

- Branka Rovic, CEO

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